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to the Raya's army, which had, in the meantime, greatly
increased in strength owing to the arrival of the Pemmasani
and the Hande chiefs with their forces to help him. Krsnarna-
raja showed his willingness to conclude peace on the
assurances given by Ellamaraja, and he met the Baya in an
interview when they became reconciled with each other. The
Baya showed him much favour and kept him in comfort in

There is evidence to show that Matla Ellamaraja and
Venkatapatiraya advanced together with an army on Nandyala
Kr§namaraja and subdued him. The proof of this is recorded in
the kavile and the ayacut account written by the Kannadi-
karnam, Nandiraja, and others of the fore-mentioned Perusoniala.
Moreover, an inscription dated S. S. 1527 Visvavasu engraved
on the wall enclosing the Siddhesvara shrine on the eastern
side of the gate of the Siddhavatam fort which Matla Ananta
Devacoda Maharaja, son of Ellamaraja, had constructed shows
that Nandyala Krsnamaraja concluded peace with Venkata-
patiraya on the assurances of safety given to him by Matla
Ellamaraja. (Anantaraja) describes at some length the achieve-
ments of his father, Ellamaraja, in that inscription.

Two lines of the slsamalika run as follows : — *

He possessed the skilful rod-like arms capable of giving
protection to Nandyala Krsnama, and he bore the title,
" the right-hand of the lord of the whole Karnata."

A few days later Matla Ellamaraja died.

Kaifiyat ofdititfUi : L.R. 22, pp. 190—201

When Yira Venkatapatideva Maharaya was ruling the
kingdom, BLondraju and Tirupatiraju, these two, were govern-
ing this village together with the Siddhavatam slma on hi*
behalf.* Matla Ellamaraju, the master of the Cittivelu estate
eonq\iered Siddhavatam,

'                                         *                                  Kaijiyat ofJCfftfUr: L. R. 13, p. 585

contiadiclx the   statement of the Katfiyat of CttfivBti